Source: VT Golf Magazine | Issue: Summer 1995 | Author: Bob Labbance

Synopsis: This article is about the Woodstock Country Club and the traits that allow it to be the unique club that draws tourists into the resort town of Woodstock, VT. 


As early as 1792 a tavern stood at the intersection of two wagon trails in the town of Woodstock. A century later the trails would become Routes 4 and 106, and the tavern would be replaced by the Woodstock Inn. More than two centuries later the guests are still coming to his attractive resort town.

For the past 100 years those guests have been able to enjoy the game of golf in a verdant setting just a short walk from the Inn. From a modest start and gradual development that parallels the history of golf in America, the club has grown, changed, and adapted as it fought to stay afloat. It is an amazing tribute to those involved that not one single season has been missed. Today the club invites tourists, locals, and summer residents to play upon its smooth, neat surfaces.

In this centennial year of golf in Woodstock we take a look back at the chronology that has brought the town’s sporting enthusiasts form hickory sticks and gutta percha balls to titanium shafts and lithium balata spheroids.

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