We’re proud to announce our plans to form The Vermont Golf Museum and Hall of Fame. The goal, as passed by the Board of Directors is that the museum would start life as an online presence, with the opportunity to create a physical presence at some later time (to be determined). For now, we’re starting the process by gathering and promoting information about Vermont’s many important contributions to the early history of golf — both here and in the nation more broadly. Through capturing these narratives and posting them online, we hope to promote a broader understanding of the heritage of the game.

The Board is casting a wide net to identify and include as many Vermonters and Vermont organizations as possible to help shape the Museum’s structure. Towards that end, the VHGA Board approved allocating 100% of the proceeds from our main event, The Vermont Hickory Open, to help fund the early stages of the Museum. Our initial conversations with the Vermont Golf Association have secured their early support for the project and willingness to continue a dialogue with us. We’re having similar conversations statewide with other potential stakeholders and we’ll be sharing the results of those discussions as they occur.

We’re encouraging all VHGA members to do two things right now: first, sign up and help participate in our events to help assure full fields. Even those who are “on the fence” should feel good about playing some golf and helping with the Museum. Second, contact your VHGA board members about how you can help make this vision a reality. Your board members need your help and input. Those with an interest in researching the history of golf in Vermont are in particular need. This is an exciting time—with your help, we can make it special!