Source: VT Golf Magazine | Issue: Summer 2006 | Author: Peter Oliver

Synopsis: This article is about the Lake Morey resort and how it embodies the true image of Vermont. It discusses what makes it such a popular destination and successful resort. 


    It was mid-October when I made my way to Lake Morey. Leaves of many colors were scudding across the greens in a kind of dance of fire, and the grass was a shimmery, almost translucent green in the low-angled sun of fall. If I were to imagine what a Vermont golf course ought to look like-strips of green fairway embellished by autumnal colors and cupped in the hold of the surrounding Green Mountains- this certainly filled the bill.

    It was a fitting introduction. Whatever you label you might attach to Lake Morey Resort- destination golf resort, conference center, lakeside hotel, whatever- you must start from the essential fact that it is a Vermont place. A Vermont resort that looks like a Vermont resort ought to look, run as it has always been by Vermonters, and with the homespun character that is the cultural berock of rural Vermont- that’s the Lake Morey Resort

    The resort’s general manager, Mark Avery, fits right into the scheme. He belongs to the third generation of Averys to own and run Lake Morey. The Averyys bought the resort in 1972 from another local family, the Wards, Like his father and brother, Mark lives on the periphery of the resort which only makes sense. The resort is their life, the object of their undivided affection.

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