Source: VT Golf Magazine | Issue: Summer 2003 | Author: Steve Piatt

Synopsis: This article discusses the significance of Neshobe Country Club and St. Johnsbury Country Club. It discusses what makes them exceptional courses as well as delving into their history.


    It would be easy to confuse St. Johnsbury Country Club and Neshobe Golf Club, given their remarkable similarities. For starters, each has a mix of old and new holes, having been boosted from 9 to 18 holes- St. “J” near the northern Vermont town of the same name, in 1993, and Neshobe, located in Brandon, in 1997. Both layouts have solid membership bases, but see plenty of daily-fee play, both have hosted numerous Vermont Golf Association events, both have a friendly atmosphere, and both boast scenic routings that offer splendid views of Vermont’s farm country (at neshobe) and mountains (at St. Johnsbury). But perhaps best of all, both courses are among the best golf values in the state, providing a country club experience at bargain prices.

    The big “moment” at this member owned course began in 1995 when Veronter Steve Durkee, at that time an up-and-coming golf arhitect, overhauled the layout and came up with the 12 new holes. Since this much-needed upgrade, Durkee has designed a new nine at Brattleboro Country Club, a much celebrated 18 holes at Okemo, and done some preliminary design work at Green Mountain National. 

    One trip to Neshobe is all one needs to become a fan of Durkee’s talents- particularly when one sees his work juxtaposed against some of the course’s original and still-existing rather vanilla efforts (such as the two opening holes) which Neshobe pro Denis Blanck says will also be replaced when funds are available.

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