Source: VT Golf Magazine | Issue: Summer 1999

Synopsis: This article discusses some golf courses in Vermont and the emergence of the golf destinations in Central Vermont.


    These days, you pick a golf vacation spot by reputation, experience, geography and heresy- or by falling prey to a stack of colorful brochures on your kitchen table. If you live in the Northeast where the seemingly endless winters drag on into spring, and in March your home course fairways are still covered with slush, an overwhelming compulsion to get out and play sets in. Suddenly, you’re dialing an 800 number and hooking yourself up with someone, say, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 

    You hop the next flight to The Grand Strand- golfis factirus gigantis- leading money winner on this country’s golf vacation destinations tour. You’ll play on flat, tricked-up and artless courses lined with palmetto and pine. You’ll drive highways and unbroken lines of billboards, flashing lights and every other imaginable offering to the High priestess of Ticky-Tacky. And the next morning you’ll do it all over again. Hey- it’s your vacation, might as well enjoy it. 

    But when the warm weather slides back in at home, and you feel those familiar urgings for the fairways once again, take note of a rising and singular golf vacation experience opportunity that has emerged along the Route4 corridor right here at home in central Vermont. It’s a sublime contrast for every discerning golfer and everything Myrtle Beach isn’t. There are plenty of owls in the Green Mountains, but you won’t find a single hooters.

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