Source: VT Golf Magazine | Issue: Summer 1995 | Author: Alex Kourebanas

Synopsis: This article is about the Richford Country Club and what makes the country club so special.


The Richford Country Club is this year’s selection as Vermont’s hidden gem. Located in northern Vermont near the Canadian border and the Jay Peak Ski Area, Richford offers scenic golf and pleasant surroundings for both its local and traveling customers. The village of Richford lies roughly in the center of the northern end of the Green Mountain range. This area is very hilly and wooded, rising from the banks of the Missisquoi River which divides the northern and southern part of the village. Richford possesses an abundance of fine timber which serves as the commercial base of Richford industries. Over 500 people are employed in the furniture, plywood, and veneer mills.

The sights from the upper reaches of the village are some of the most majestic in the state, with the golf course ideally situated on the northern end of the Green Mountain Range. Lying just above is the Lake Memphremagog Basin, which is one of Vermont’s truly unique areas due to its geological variety.

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