Source: VT Golf Magazine | Issue: Summer 1995 | Author: Bill Van Liew

Synopsis: This article is about the ideal 18 holes for author Bill Van Liew from different golf courses across Vermont. He takes you through each hole, where it is from, and why it would contribute to being the perfect golf course.


There are more than 700 golf holes in the state of Vermont, and if I had the power to cut and paste terrain from the whole state and make my own course to  play on, this is what I would have picked to occupy my time this season.

As with the original eighteen chosen four years ago in our first issue, a major part of the criteria is the very word charismatic- “radiating popular appeal; mysteriously glamorous,” according to my outdated dictionary. These holes do have a glamour, sometimes mysterious, often quite obvious. Fortunately the thirty-six we have now chosen leave many more for you to pick as your favorites.

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