Source: VT Golf Magazine | Issue: Summer 1999 | Author: Bob Labbance
Synopsis: This article is about the notable John Lombardy. It delves into his accomplishments as a golfer and specifically with the Ekwankok Country Club. 


    It’s inevitable that when you put together a list of the top anything, you’ll miss something that should have been obvious. Such was the case in our 1998 issue’s monumental attempt to recognize the top people of Vermont golf. Fortunately there are stewards of the game looking over our shoulders, and they care enough about our magazine and its readers to bring any oversights to our attention.

    John Lombardy, Jr. wrote us, “I understand you could not cover everyone, but I feel you missed one noteable person. I am a bit biased by my father should hve been included in the article.” Lombardy is right- and who better to note his accomplishments than his son. The younger Lombardy has had a ringside seat for his father’s golfing life, and has carried the torch forward in his own dedicated career. 

    He says of his dad: “He has been a PGA professional for over 50 years in Vermont. He started as a caddie at Ekwankok in the 1920s. He was head professional at Equinox for 15 years, then became head professional at Ekwankok in 1951. He retired in 1981; he ran the golf shops at both Ekwankok and Equinox for 5 years. As a caddie his most notable experience was caddying for the great Bobby Jones at Ekwankok, and as a player he played against and beat (U.S. open champion) Craig Wood at Ekwankok.”

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