Source: VT Golf Magazine | Issue: Summer 1997 | Author: David Cornwell

Synopsis: This source is about the story of Charlie getting a “golf lesson” from Walter Travis at Ekwanok Club.


Charlie was practicing late and half heatedly as he waited for his parents to return for supper. The late summer sun had set over Equinox Mountain and the air was cooling rapidly. Gold and rose colored cotton ball clouds rose in darkening cerulean. The soft deep green outlines of ancient Vermont mountains in his valley of the Battenkill enveloped the lush iridescent fairways stretched out below the putting green. But Charlie was indifferent to this beauty. Charlie was putting as if his hands were cement and the ball was a stone.

His parents were late, caught in the outlet exodus down Route 11. Charlie was frustrated and beyond impatient. He missed a party with his golf team buddies touch even more. He’d been in a slump most of the summer and it had begun to haunt him as the gall tournament schedule loomed. The Macdonalds began an annual pilgrimage to Manchester after the renovations had restored the grand old hotel and vastly upgraded the old course, but Charlie had declined their invitation to come along until this year.

It was his senior year, his last year of high school varsity golf, and with the best competitive record last year, he had been chosen team captain. It mattered not that Charlie had most of the day to practice on the new course his parents had been raving about the past few years, nor that the pro had tried to work with Charlie in playing lesson that morning; his putting stunk and he couldn’t figure out why.

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