Source: VT Golf Magazine | Issue: Summer 1992 | Author: Alex Kourebanas

Synopsis: This article is about Woodstock Country Club and the Quechee Club and what sets them apart from other courses in the state. 


    Towards the end of October, most sporting Vermonters have abandoned thoughts of swinging clubs and tend to concentrate more on the coming ski season. Golf courses prepare for shut-down as the foliage fades, and often only the true golfing die hards are capable and willing to face the wind, rain, and the chill of the fall. Still, good days emerge that reward the patience of the Vermont golfer, granting soft greens and uncrowded courses. It was on such a day- bright and warm- that I visited two of the most prestigious clubs in the state. The Quechee Club and Woodstock Country Club.

    Impeccably groomed and nurtured, even at the end of the season where top dressing and green irrigation is the norm, these courses define the best that Vermont golf has to offer. The Woodstock Country Club remains a scenic gem that caters to all types of golfers. Quaintly nestled in the Kedron Valley, the course was remodeled in 1963 by Robert Trent Jones, is very flat and somewhat short at 5,555 yards from the white tees. The course transpires tight while trees appear in abundance. Club selection is the first key as the Kedron Brook runs throughout the course, starting on the third hole. A booming drive from the tee will cross the brook and leave the golfer with a short iron to a beautifully elevated green that is protected by bunkers on either side and tucked in by a flock of evergreen in the rear. Playing safe and laying up will leave the golfer with two long irons from tee to green.

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