Source: VT Golf Magazine | Issue: Summer 2003 | Author: Arthur Ristau and Bob Labbance

Synopsis: This article discusses the story and lives of Jim and Mae Murray as well as Patty Sheehan. It shares their histories as well as some of their accomplishments. 


Jim and Mae Murray

    Arm in arm they strolled to the first tee at one of the world’s most celebrated golf courses. His odyssey complete, Jim Murray had come home to Camoustie, and so too hard his daughter Mae. It had been 30 years since Murray left Scotland and Camoustie as the club champion and now, in June, 1952, he had returned accompanied by his daughter and prize pupil who was visiting Scotland to play as a member of the U.S Curtis Cup Team. This day there would be an exhibition and there were a thousand people in the gallery. 

Patty Sheehan

    Though her family moved away from Vermont when she was ten years old, Patty Sheehan had always considered herself a Vermonter “She still loves Vermont,” says her dad, Bobo. “She still thinks her roots are back here and thinks of herself as a Vermonter.” Sheehan recently built a home in Reno, Nevada, where she is very involved with local golf and local youth causes, but she renews her vows to her Middlebury birthplace every year. A visit to the Ralph Myhre Golf Course always brings back fond memories.

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