Source: VT Golf Magazine | Issue: Summer 1998 | Author: Bob Labbance

Synopsis: This article is about George Sargent and his accomplishments throughout the golf community. It specifically dives into his success as a professional. 


When George Sargent won the U.S. Open at the Englewood (New Jersey) Golf Club on June 25, 1909, one New York newspaper ran the headline: “Unknown Golfer from Unknown Club in Vermont Wins U.S. Open.” Indeed Sargent was a new face in American golf, having arrived from Canada just three months prior to the tournament. 

Sargent was born in Brockham, Surrey in England and served part of his professional apprenticeship with Harry Vardon before sailing for North America and a head professional position at the Royal Ottawa Golf Club in 1906. After a three-year stint Sargent was lured to Hyde Manor Golf Club in Sudbury where he was to design the golf course and then serve as the pro. Although the course no longer exists, it was at one time the only course in the world designed by two U.S. Open champions. Sargent solicited the advice of Horace Fawlins in the final design.

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