Source: VT Golf Magazine | Issue: Summer 1992 | Author: Peter Kriff

Synopsis: This article is about the expansion of the Montague Golf Club and how that caused it to evolve into the club that stands today.


    Something is happening, right in the middle of the state, that hasn’t happened very often in Vermont over the last six years. A golf course is expanding from 9 to 18 holes! The difficulty and expense of getting any sort of developmental project through the Act 250 process (see p. 33 for a complete discussion of Act 250) has severely limited golf course expansion in this state.

    So how did this miracle come to pass? Some special people showed us that it’s definitely not easy and most certainly not cheap- but if you’re patient, careful, environmentally conscious, and well funded, your project can survive the Act 250 process.

    The Montague Golf Club sits along the White River in Randolph, Vermont. It is one of the oldest courses in the state of Vermont. The current nine holes are challenging, but members and guests have long wished to continue play on a new nine holes rather than to play the course twice for an 18-hole round.

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