Source: VT Golf Magazine | Issue: Summer 2004 | Author: Tom Bedell

Synopsis: This article discusses the prevalent relation between our states history and the golf courses that exist today. It specifically discusses the history with in Mount Anthony Country Course, the Brattleboro Country Club, and the Ekwanok Country Club.


What do Vermont, golf, a president, the French, the British, Native Americans and revolutionary soldiers have in common? It’s not really a riddle. It’s just that besides the usual pleasing aspects of golf- the game, the natural surroundings, the companionship- there are several golf courses in the state that can jumpstart a few history lessons and get you appreciating our state’s grand past.

    Crown Point Country Club: the venerable Crown Point Country Club, in Springfield, which celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, takes its name and Revolutionary soldier logo from the Crown Point Military Road. While that road is sometimes known as Vermont’s first interstate, construction of it actually began before there was a Vermont (or a united States for that matter), around 1759, during the British battles of the French and Indidan War. the Brits wanted a supply line from the Lake Champlain forts- Crown Point and Ticonderoga- across the Connecticut River to what is now Charleston, New Hampshire. A captain John Stark was directed to cut such a road through the wilderness, and with the help of about 200 rangers, he did just that- the roughly 20-foot wide road, ultimately stretched about 78 miles.

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