Source: VT Golf Magazine | Issue: Summer 1995 | Author: Arthur Ristau

Synopsis: This article is about Manchester, VT and how the courses and clubs it holds serves as the golf capital of Vermont, including Ekwanok Country Club, Gleneagles at Equinox, the Dorset Field Club, and the Manchester Country Club.


Encircling the community like an emerald necklace, five superb courses make Manchester the golfing mecca of northern New England. From youthful and diversified Stratton in the southeast to serene and sedate Dorset lying northwest. Manchester is the hub of Vermont golf’s Saville Row, perhaps the most delightful and diversified golfing experiences available in any twenty-five mile radius in this part of the country. 

Describing an orbit around the elmarched village retail shopping complex in Stratton, Gleneagles, Dorset, and Manchester. Extending south is the crown jewel, the Ekwanok Country Club, arguable among the finest golf courses in New England. 

The courses and their satellite activities funnel millions of dollars annually into the region’s economy and, with sub urbanizing encroachment viewed by many as Manchester’s major problem, hey furnish landscape definition and scenic enhancement.

Similar clusters of courses are available on Cape Cod, along Boston’s north shore, in southern Rhode Island, and in western Connecticut Westchester retion. But none can, collectively, offer the quality and variety of the Manchester area layouts. Each course is elegantly mature and meticulously maintained, but each is also decidedly different.

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